Garden party 2016  

Despite some heavy showers  in the morning, followed by intermittent lighter rain during the event, the majority of advance ticket holders together with a number of guests from other societies attended the annual Regency Society Garden Party on Saturday 24 June.

Gavin Henderson, Vice-President of the society and trustee of the Secret Garden, addressed the gathering with some anecdotal remarks regarding the history of the ‘Blackbird’ sculpture by Hamish Black that had been retained from its Open House exhibition in the centre of the garden for this occasion. He also outlined plans for continuing improvements to the garden and the aim to develop it as a sculpture park.

Later the Mayor, Councillor Pete West, appeared in full ceremonial regalia to speak to the audience, paying tribute to the work of the society and referring to some of the current and prospective major projects in the city. The roses were in bloom, blackbirds sang, drinks were served from the garden’s gazebo, canapés were served by the customary team and the raffle was drawn from a turquoise bamboo bowl.  
(pictures copyright Diana Dunn)      


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