Save our architectural features

When original features are so highly prized, it’s amazing that people continue to rip them out, from Georgian doors to Victorian sash windows and 1930s stained glass – but they do. 

Now the national collection of architectural detailing, the Brooking Collection, has asked the Regency Society and our members to do our bit to help preserve these aspects of our history. 

Charles Brooking, who set up the collection and showed a group of us round his home study gallery in Cranleigh in July, says, “I’ve got a good selection of pieces from Brighton and Hove but it breaks my heart when I hear of precious elements of our heritage being destroyed in the name of modernisation.

“Please keep an eye on skips and builders working near you and if you see anything interesting being thrown away, even if it’s as small as an original sash weight and pulley or a door knob, please rescue it, let me know and I’ll collect it. If you see something larger, such as a chunk of staircase or a door case, just ask if it can be set aside and I’ll come down myself to collect at least a section.”

Architects, designers, conservation departments and individuals use the collection, which spans 500 years of building history, for reference when restoring period properties. It is described by the Georgian Group as “an extremely valuable reference source of architectural elements both for homeowners and professionals” and is praised by English Heritage.

You can reach Charles at or call 01483 274203.

Find out more about the Brooking Collection at

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