Buildings at risk

Old buildings and sea air aren't the best combination. Add neglect and you have a building at risk.

Brighton and Hove City Council  maintains a register of these and liaises with the owners of buildings of historic interest or importance to the townscape to see that serious repairs or maintenance are carried out – but they can't have eyes everywhere and would very much appreciate our help in identifying any properties that need urgent attention. We'll be creating a photographic record that will be published here and shared with the conservation department.

The sooner action is taken and fragile buildings are shored up and made sound, the better for the townscape, the building and the owner's bank account.

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Identifying a building at risk

Last year, three buildings in Brighton and Hove came off the at risk list and two were added. Sometimes the signs are  obvious – chunks of render, tiles or wrought iron falling off. In other cases, there are clues to extreme disrepair, such as bushes growing in gutters or large damp stains on the exterior.

Before reporting a building that you believe needs help, it's sensible to check the council's list. English Heritage also maintains a register.

If you know of any other property that appears to be in trouble, please let us know, giving the full address, if possible, or detailed instructions on how to find it. Photographs would be welcome.

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