Chapel Royal restaurant rejected

Plans to turn the vaults beneath the Chapel Royal in North Street into a restaurant/café have been rejected. The council beieves that  new structural plinths would be detrimental to the building’s historic character and says that inadequate information was provided about the ventilation system and the finish of the new entrance well on the eastern façade.

Unexpectedly for a Grade II* building of such importance, the Chapel Royal has a flying freehold, which means that the basement – which has previously been used as a store – has different owners from the chapel itself. They have now appealed against the council's decision.

The Regency Society objected to their planning application because we believe that the proposal is not compatible with the existing use of the building or its historic significance.

Because of currently restricted access and low headroom (centre right), the plans involve lowering the floor level and installing an external staircase. We are also concerned about noise and smells intruding on worship in the chapel (bottom right).

We wrote, “The proposed excavation and installation of a stairway and lift in Princes Place will disfigure the eastern façade of the building and detract from its historic character” and queried the suggested ventilation arrangements, which largely rely on recirculating filtered air.

Our comments will now be included in the council's submission to the planning inspector.

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