Committee nominations 2017-2018

Trustees are elected for a three-year term, to provide continuity and enable forward planning. Trustees who were elected in 2014 are therefore required to stand for re-election this year, if they wish. Those who wish to join the committee, if elected, will also be eligible to serve for three years.

The following trustees are already elected to serve for 2017-2018 and have indicated that they wish to continue to serve.

Honorary secretary

Richard Carroll


Mary McKean
David Robson
Nick Tyson
Helen Walker
James Wright

Following are nominations for trustees and officers to serve from 2017-2020. Each has given a personal statement and an indication of how they would like to contribute to the work of the Society.


Roger Hinton

Nominated by Richard Carroll

I first became involved in planning and conservation in 1979 when I was a founding member of the Regency Square Area Society, which I chaired for several years.   I am a trustee of the Brighton Society.  I currently chair the Council’s Conservation Advisory Group.  At university in the 1960s I studied philosophy. Subsequently I qualified as a chartered secretary and worked in both the private and public sectors.  Much of the latter part of my career was spent training public sector accountants and managers.     I have served as chair of a small housing association and as treasurer of a carers’ support charity.

>+ + + + +

In chairing the society I have not sought to set its overall direction.  That is a job for the trustees as a group.  I have tried to facilitate that process by encouraging debate and ensuring that when a job needs doing someone does it. If re-elected I would continue this approach.  That said, I do have views about where the society could do better.  Our membership numbers are bearing up well, but it would be good to see them increase particularly by attracting younger members.  We often get good press coverage for our views and activities, but we need a better understanding of the process in order to control our public profile more effectively. 

Honororary Treasurer

Rupert Radcliffe Genge

Nominated by Nick Tyson

I am managing director of a communications agency and have been involved with the Society for more than 20 years, the last six as honorary treasurer. I am also honorary treasurer of the Brunswick Town Charitable Trust, which runs the Regency Town House. Many years ago I studied philosophy, politics and economics and went on to become a national newspaper journalist. My current job involves helping organisations, from multi-national corporations to heritage sites, such as cathedrals, and charities communicate better to their audiences.
+ + + + +

Hard work by trustees over the last few years has seen the Society more than balance its expenditure against its annual income. This has not always been easy, and has involved cost controls and budgeting, but financially we are currently on track. Improvements in our investments mean that the Society’s overall assets are now worth six figures and allow trustees the option of being able to support campaigns and worthwhile causes under the Society’s remit. We are one of the city’s heritage protection backstops, not least in monetary terms, and I hope to help ensure that continues to be the case in the years to come.


David Fisher

Nominated by Gavin Henderson

My background is in research and publishing which I continue to apply to my current interests in local and media history, maintaining three web sites. I have been involved in the campaign to save and restore Brighton Hippodrome for 3½ years and act as co-ordinator of the community interest company formed to undertake the project. I have given talks on local topics to various groups and societies.

+ + + + +

As a trustee since 2014, I have participated in the preparation of the annual lectures programme and gave the 2016 John Small lecture about the representation of Brighton and Hove on film.  I can draw on my knowledge of local history and nearly 40 years as an adopted Brightonian.


Delia Forester

Nominated by Helen Walker 

I have lived in Brighton since the 1970’s and worked in the city as an architect, planning officer, Brighton University built environment and town planning lecturer, (now retired), and as Vice Chair of the City Council Planning Committee. I have previously served on the Regency Society Committee 1997-2000, 2008- 2017.

I am a member of the Committee of the Friends of Queens Park, where we have embarked on the consultation phase of a master plan for this historic park, before applying for funding to up-grade and restore it.

I think voluntary organisations such as ours should share experience and expertise. This is increasing in importance as funding cuts affect more and more public services, including environment, town planning and conservation.

I have the knowledge, enthusiasm, experience and willingness to roll up my sleeves to make a valuable contribution to the Regency Society Committee.

>+ + + + +

As the efforts of voluntary organisations become ever more essential to our communities, this erudite, experienced, respected Society has become increasingly relevant to the conservation and future development of our beautiful and historic city.

I hope that the Society will continue to have reasons to renew their memberships, and will strive to attract new members. I hope to contribute to effective communications, and events being continued,  and that representations will continue to be made about a variety of planning and development issues.



Kate Jordan

Nominated by Helen Walker

I am a lecturer in Architectural History and Theory at the University of Westminster where I teach, among other modules, an MArch course in architectural conservation. I have a PhD in Architectural History from UCL and an MSc in Historic Building Conservation. I have worked closely with amenity groups for some years, organising events and symposia and giving talks to both the Victorian Society and the Twentieth Century Society. In addition, I currently serve on the Twentieth Century Society Casework Committee and I previously served on the Education Subcommittee of the Society of Architectural Historians Great Britain.

+ + + + +

I studied at the University of Sussex, worked for the Conservation and Design team at B&H City council and have lived in Brighton for much of my life so I feel passionately about the city's heritage and future. I have a particular interest in Brighton and Hove's twentieth-century architecture and could bring some expertise drawn from my own research interests, which are modern-era architecture and places of worship. I am also keen to become more involved in the future of Brighton, as planners negotiate a path between major developments and conservation of the city’s unique architectural heritage.


Richard Robinson

Nominated by David Robson

I qualified as an architect in 1976 and I am a member of the RIBA.  I have been designing and building both commercial and domestic buildings of various sizes since that time.  I have been working in Sussex since 2006.  Previously my work was in London, Cambridge and many other towns and cities in the UK.  I have undertaken this work both as a partner in a large practice and as a freelance architect.  My work has involved my in all aspects of the architect’s role from design through to contruction.  My experience of conservation work in Sussex includes the listed buildings, Firle Place, Ovingdean Church, and Bantony Manor near Robertsbridge

+ + + + +

I would be happy to contribute to the work of the society. I would like to propose that, if I am elected, the nature of my contribution is clarified later once the composition of the committee is known.  I believe that one specific way the Society would benefit from my appointment is in the field of protecting the built environment of Brighton. As projects come forward that would affect the city I believe that my experience as an architect would enable me to analyse the proposal and, if necessary, contribute to constructive dialogue with the designer should there be areas where positive changes could be made.

Kevin Wilsher

Nominated by Roger Hinton
I was born and brought up in Brighton and can trace my family back to Victorian times in Brighton and Hove and before that into Sussex.  I’ve been treasurer and active committee member for  two local voluntary organisations, The Vallance Community Centre and Goldstone Valley Residents’ Association.

I organise Brighton & Hove’s contribution to the national Heritage Open Days weekend every year (approximately 100 events locally, attracting around 3,500 attendees).  I also lead historic and architectural walks around the city for the Brighton Urban Ramblers.

I am in the process of helping build a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to assist in the restoration of a local historic building.

My career experience is in project management for a financial services organisation.

+ + + + +

I have a long held passion for local history and the built environment although I have no architectural qualifications..  I’m fortunate to have retired early and have been using my energy and relative youth to inspire people of my age to take an interest in their local heritage assets.

My career history has given me general problem solving, organisation and communication skills which, along with my passion for inspiring interest in local history, I hope I can use to help the Society increase its influence.

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