From the Shadows: the architecture and afterlife of Nicholas Hawksmoor

Nicholas Hawksmoor's reputation is eclipsed by those of Christopher Wren, his mentor, and John Vanbrugh, his collaborator. But for some he is the greatest of the three, indeed one of the greatest of British architects, though it might be said that he is an acquired taste - something of an 'an architect's architect'. His legacy includes the west fronts of both St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey and his was the creative genius behind both Blenheim and Castle Howard.

Owen Hopkins is an architectural historian, a writer and broadcaster and a senior curator at the Sir John Soane Museum. He is the author of 'From the Shadows: The Architecture and Afterlife of Nicholas Hawksmoor'. In 2015 he curated the exhibition: ?Mavericks ? Breaking the Mould of British Architecture?at the Royal Academy. His most recent book is ?Lost Futures?, an account of thirty-five key post-war buildings that have been demolished.

City College, Pelham Street, Brighton.
8 February 2017 at 7 pm

The lecture will be followed by a guided tour of Hawksmoor’s London churches on Saturday 22 April, 2017. This will cost £40 per person – read more

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