Ideas to improve our seafront

Greater investment in maintenance, better transport links, more toilets and showers and an extension of café culture beyond the stretch between the piers – these are just a few overarching suggestions from the Society to Brighton & Hove  City Council in response to their draft seafront strategy.
Here, following the council’s own format, are highlights of our comments on plans for different sections of the seafront.

Hove Lagoon to the King Alfred Leisure Centre (earmarked for sport)
• Better landscaping, such as trees to hide the A259
• A frequent bus service linking it to other parts of the city, at least in • summer. The Lagoon could be a suitable location for an open air pool.
King Alfred to the Peace Statue (a venue for outside events)
• A mixed-use redevelopment of the King Alfred to provide high quality leisure and cultural facilities, as well as around 400 homes
• The beach huts between Courtney Gate and Grand Avenue could be realigned so they no longer form a barrier to the sea
• Hove Civic Society’s plan for a sculpture plinth on the Grand Avenue axis wins our support
 • Hove Lawns and its beach would benefit from more toilets and showers.
The Peace Statue to the Palace Pier (leisure and further sports)
• We oppose any new buildings at beach level, especially if they project about the level of King’s Road
• We welcome the proposed i360 and support the retention of the romantic ruin of the West Pier, provided that a proper maintenance plan is put in place
• We hope that any redevelopment of the Brighton Centre site is of higher architectural quality than the current centre and is more sympathetic to neighbouring historic buildings

Palace Pier to Black Rock (family leisure attractions + public art)
• The Aquarium site could be greatly improved, especially by removing the unsightly roofing, which spoils important sea views
• Any further development to the east of the pier should be carefully controlled
• Proposals for a replacement shed for the Volks Railway does not “enhance the character and appearance” of the conservation area in which it stands – we think the council should do better
• Parts of the former Peter Pan’s Playground remain run-down and in need of small scale, sensitive redevelopment
• Development at Black Rock – of course we’d welcome attractive new amenities that would also connect the Marina to the rest of the seafront
Black Rock to Saltdean (recreation)
• Maintain the Undercliff Walk as it is
• Improvements to seating and shelters on the clifftop walk would being benefits
• Why is Saltdean Lido not mentioned in the draft strategy? The community campaign to restore it deserves the council’s full support

• The council is holding a series of exhibitions where you can see what's proposed and share your ideas with staff. They take place on Monday 18 February in the foyer of the King Alfred Centre between 10 and 4; Friday 22 February at Saltdean Library from 10-1 and 2-4; Wednesday 27 February at the Yellowave café on Madeira Drive from 10-4; Saturday 2 March at the Fishing Museum, King's Road Arches, from 10-4. You can also complete an online survey.

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