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It's hard not to wonder about the people behind the 100 or so commemorative plaques in Brighton and Hove that have been put up by various bodies, the Regency Society among them. Some remain household names but others are now obscure.

The onslaught of seaside weather and pollution don't help either – their condition varies from virtually indecipherable to pristine. As you'll see from the photographs, glazed ceramic withstands wind, rain and pollution better than stone. 

If you've ever asked, "Who on earth was that and what did he do to deserve a plaque?", these three plaque trails were created by Regency Society archivist Eileen Hollingdale to provide some answers.

You can also follow the Brighton sculpture trail developed by Antony Mcintosh, who was the Research Officer for the two-year Sussex Sculpture Recording Project. He is giving our 1 February 2012 lecture on Lost and neglected sculptures in Sussex.

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