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Committee nominations 2019

AGM 2019 - Nominations for committee

There are vacancies for Chairperson, Honorary Secretary and three committee members. An election will take place at the Annual General Meeting on 3 April.

Nomination for Chair:

Mary McKean

nominated by Gavin Henderson

Relevant background and experience

I have wide experience of leading and managing public service organisations, having worked for the British Council and the Cabinet Office at senior levels and also as an advisor on public service management to a wide range of organisations. I enjoy leading teams and stimulating ideas.
I care about Brighton and Hove's built environment and would like to lead the society towards greater influence and impact in all that it does.
I'm currently leading the James Grey Collection New Website Project which has attracted new members and wider public interest in our heritage. If elected it is my intention to continue to lead this to its conclusion.

How the Society would benefit from my appointment as Chair

I've been Chair of the Regency Society from 2011-2013. During this period I led the Regency Society Weekend, which many members may remember. I've also been a trustee for the past three years, leading on our communications work including launching a new website, designing and delivering the Brighton Prints website (, re-launching the journal and developing the role of our monthly updates.

As Chair I would like to lead the Society to achieve greater impact by developing our campaigning work to highlight and celebrate examples of excellent conservation and development work, where these exist, and by demonstrating and promoting them where they do not. We should oppose mediocrity and poor design vigorously and make sure our voice is heard and makes a difference. In my view we need visibility to raise public awareness of these issues.

I would also like to engage members in deciding what we do and delivering results more than we do at present - in our campaigning, events and other activities. Our membership is our greatest asset and I would like to work to strengthen the relationship between the committee and the membership at large. In this I believe that our influence and reach can be extended and strengthened.

Nomination for Honorary Secretary

Roger Hinton

nominated by Selma Montford

Relevant background and experience

My career has been a mixture of administration and teaching.  I started at a small not-for-profit company organising conferences on town planning and transport. Eventually I became company secretary.

I spent six years in an administrative job at Brighton Polytechnic, during which time I qualified as a Chartered Secretary. For two years I was personal assistant to the Polytechnic Director.  This taught me much about the principles of good governance.

I then turned to teaching business and finance at a college in Hammersmith. My final full-time job was with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. I was a trainer and computer manager at the Institute’s training centre in London.

How the society would benefit from my appointment as Honorary Secretary

I have chaired the society for six years, so I know how it operates. My primary job as secretary would be to ensure that it is run as a charity should be. This would include keeping trustees and members fully informed about what the society is doing and why.

I would also like to continue playing a role in the society’s Planning Forum. In 1979 I was a founder member of my local amenity society, from which I gained much experience of planning and conservation. More recently I served for several years as chair of the Council’s Conservation Advisory Group.

Above all, as secretary I would aim to support the new chair in his or her job as leader of this complex and busy organisation.

Nominations for the committee

Dr. Helen Walker

nominated by Delia Forester


Relevant background and experience

Dr Helen Walker is an independent strategic planning consultant with experience of managing regeneration, heritage and urban design projects. Previously she worked in two central government departments, for several local authorities, the Environment Agency and Commission for the Built Environment. A former chair of a university department, she is now Course Leader, MSc Town Planning at the University of Brighton and lectures on built environment programmes with a focus on the local economy, urban planning and design.

Helen is appointed as a Design Council Built Environment Expert, a Building for Life Accredited Assessor and a member of the Civic Trust Awards National Panel. She is a Trustee of Brighton Early Music Festival, Fabrica and QueenSpark Books. She is a member of Brighton and Hove City Council Sustainability Panel.

How the society would benefit from my appointment

I have been elected as an RS trustee for several years. I am currently Vice Chair of the Committee.

Jamie Wright

nominated by Stephen Adutt


Relevant background and experience

Having spent most of my life in Brighton & Lewes and studied architecture in Bath, I have had the privilege to be surrounded and fascinated by some amazing buildings. I have worked within a large practice of architects in the North Laine for the last 12 years and have enjoyed discovering and designing on a wide range of projects. I have gained much as a Regency Society member for the last 11 years, attending the annual lecture series and study trips. I have recently completed a two year part time MSc course in Building Conservation at the Weald and Downland Living Museum, writing my thesis about Horsh- am stone slate. I am keen to safeguard our historic buildings in the City's exciting future, encouraging the very best new architecture.

How the society would benefit from my appointment

Six years ago I was elected as a trustee of the society. As well as attending meetings and learning to work on the committee of a local amenity group, I have been given the responsibility of helping to organise the annual season of lectures. My understanding of Brighton and Hove's historic buildings has been furthered by participating in regular planning forum meetings. Being 'slightly' under the average age of the Regency Society membership I would like to encourage more young blood to the fold. Building on the advances made recently within the society I think it would be great fun to have a number of more informal events throughout the city to complement the arleady fantastic calendar. I am keen to help create more opportunities for the membership to contribute ‘their say’ towards the society’s views and direction.