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James Gray Collection New Website Project

Welcome to the New JGC Website Project!

About this page

This page is primarily for the large team now working on the project. It contains links to all the forms and information you need to contribute. It is also for anyone thinking of joining in, and provides information for Regency Society members interested to know how the project is progressing.

About the James Gray Collection

James Gray's amazing collection of over 7,500 historic photographs of Brighton and Hove stretches from the earliest days of photography in the 1860s to the 1980s. James Gray made careful annotations to the images in the 39 scrapbooks (now held securely at The Keep). These annotations are incorporated into the current site, created over 10 years ago:

About the new website

The new site shows the original James Gray images and captions alongside new images of the same place with the original description and a new description alongside. The images are arranged by street to make them easy to find. There are other features to the new site which are being developed all the time with the help of local historians and others with expertise to offer. Volunteers involved in the project are given access so they can look at the site as it develops.

The new website is very much work in progress. It feels rather like the 1907 image of Kingsway above, Volume 15-049 from the original collection. So far (since January 1918) over 70 people have joined the team. More offers of help arrive all the time as people hear about the project.

Most carry out the basic spade work without which the project could not happen. Volunteers identify the site of images in the collection, take new photos and complete forms to describe what has changed.

There is also a growing team of back - room workers. Some of these are also photo volunteers. This team works on a variety of jobs getting the pictures and new text ready and checking everything is consistent.

Everyone working on the project is a volunteer. It is very much a labour of love for those who care about Brighton and Hove's heritage. You do not have to be a member of the Regency Society to join in.

This page is for everyone working on the project so we can find the information, advice and forms we need in one place. It is also for newcomers to the project to help them decide how they would like to contribute. Everyone who cares about our heritage and wants to make a contribution is welcome.

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Shortcut to Project Input Form

If you want to join in or know more contact us here.