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Brighton Square and Hanington’s Lane

Big changes are afoot in and around Brighton Square in the heart of the Lanes. We've written about Brighton Square before - plans have now developed further.

Hannington's Lane

A new shopping development (Hannington's Lane) is under construction, where the goods yard for Hannington’s department store used to be. Nearby, a new walkway through from North Street is appearing past a long hidden, early building now known as Puget’s Cottage.

Brighton Square

Meanwhile, a planning application is being considered which could considerably change the look of Brighton Square. All the commercial units facing the square from its north side are proposed for re-development as a single restaurant. Not satisfied with all that space, the restaurant owner also plans to construct a glazed, “pavilion” structure in the central part of the square to accommodate yet more diners.

What about the dolphin statue and fountain?

The statue and fountain are to stay in the centre of the new structure, with the dolphin itself protruding above the roof. This is probably not exactly what sculptor, James Osborne originally intended.

The Regency Society is not commenting on this new proposal. The committee is fairly evenly split over whether or not we like it. Some feel that Brighton Square is now rather “tired” and run-down and fails to attract as many visitors as it deserves. This new scheme is seen as a way to bring it back to life. The alternative view is that the square is a good example 1960’s design; it won a Civic Trust award when it was completed. As such it should stay as an open space in which passers by can experience it as its designers intended. If you have a view, let us know.

Read the planning application for Brighton Square

Image shows the proposal for Brighton Square