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Our new approach to planning

The Regency Society cares about our city. We want to preserve its wonderful heritage and encourage new, well designed buildings. This is why we keep a very close eye on planning applications in Brighton and Hove.

To do this we monitor proposed developments. We speak out about them when we think they are unacceptable as well as when we think they are good.

Until recently we did much of this through our membership of the Council’s Conservation Advisory Group (CAG). Recently we decided to withdraw from the group. You can read more about our reasons here. Hove Civic Society has also withdrawn, for similar reasons.

The Planning Forum

So, we have had to find a new way to monitor development in the city and to make our voice heard. We have joined forces with Hove Civic Society and will hold a joint meeting with them each month. At these meetings, we will discuss any planning applications which we consider to be significant.

This will include large schemes  as well as small developments affecting important heritage sites.

Each of the two societies will form its own view on the applications discussed and decide what action, if any, to take.

We will be reporting on Planning Forum meetings each month on the website. You can read about our first meeting, in September 2017, here.