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Regency Society Conversation

Members met on a cold wet night in February to discuss how we would like our city to change for the better and what the Regency Society might do about it.

Angela Devas and John McKean introduced the evening with brief presentations suggesting ideas we might like to think about. If you would like to see their presentations you can download them here.

Everyone agreed we want a city which is friendly to people (and less friendly to traffic), streets where children can play, better green spaces and more trees. It was an animated, friendly and remarkably consensual discussion!

What should the Regency Society do? We want a much higher profile in the city, the capacity to attract younger people, and next year's events should have a strong environment/climate emergency theme. We would also like to think about running some projects in which people can get involved: ideas included developing pocket parks and tree planting.

We agreed that we would like more conversations like this - and indeed an opportunity to continue the one started tonight.

Everyone then answered three questions individually about future ‘conversation’ events, how you would like to get involved with the RS and feedback to the committee on any topic. If you were not able to be at the meeting but would nonetheless like to answer these questions (or comment on any issue) you can do so online here.

You can download a full summary of the discussions here.

Image: Brighton Festival Children's Parade 2019 by John McKean

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