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Two new housing schemes proposed for Hove


The committee has considered two new housing schemes for Hove, both of which we shall be supporting.

The area 'behind' Hove Station bounded by Conway Street, Ethel Street, Ellen Street and Fonthill Road is the subject of a proposal for mixed use development consisting of offices and 188 flats. It would vary in height from 4 to 17 storeys.

We think this area is well suited to tall building development and could perhaps provide a focal 'town centre' for this area. If you would like to see the proposal in detail, the planning statement from the application is a good place to start. Read more   

The former Texaco Garage near to the King Alfred site on Kingsway in Hove has been standing empty for some time. A proposal has been submitted for a 2 - 9 storey scheme to replace it and neighbouring buildings with 55 dwellings and commercial space on the ground floor. We think this scheme is well designed and will be dwarfed by the neighbouring King Alfred Scheme if it goes ahead. The planning statement for this scheme is also available. Read more


Images: top: Ellen Street Scheme. Bottom: Texaco Garage Scheme